Muly Munial [941]

Indonesia beat Malaysia for the first time in soccer...langsung pensiun...buat anak2 Malaysia kesel.
Menunggu free ticket at the Brasserie always memorable
Ervin and the security incident.. ( joke for some)
My love n hate with Jupiter

Vidi Rosen [973]

The Brasserie food at Bond Uni Residences, I hate it when I had it but now I miss it :)
but living on Campus that I miss the most .............

Rio Novrianto [991]

Staying @ Robina palm terrace and eating by the lake

Aris Rijanto [973]

Three friends, all from west Java origin becoming room mate. Instead of improving their English, they ended up improving their Sundanese. Way to go my Bondie friends. =D

Fiantika Ambadar [year 2000]

Indonesian Night!

Oktovi Dwihardinasti [982]

It was a great experience and time! Bond is a great school, great people and great community. Time flies and I am glad that ISABU alumni still bonding strong.

Thank you to all those people to put their time and support to make this reunion happened. I wishing all of your success in your career. Peace!!!

Maria Sidabutar [953]

Stayed at campus dormitory B, most of tenants were male at that time, and it was only me the female student on the second floor.
Every Saturday night, I had to go to the rest room before all party goers (male) returned and got drunk, otherwise, I would face naked boys in the rest room and look like a stranger - especially when we saw through the two mirrors on the left and right walls.